The new release date of Fantastic Beasts 3 has been announced

Following the departure of Johnny Depp from Fantastic Beasts 3, Warner Bros. has now announced a new release date for the film

It was last Friday that Johnny Depp announced in a surprise news that he has left the Fantastic Beasts movie series  and is no longer going to play Grindelwald in the third part of the series, and Warner Bros. is now behind schedule.  Fantastic Beasts 3 has been announced until the summer of 2022. Now, in the latest  cinema and television news , the new release date of this fantasy film has been announced. Warner Bros. today officially announced that Fantastic Beasts 3, previously scheduled for release  on November 12, 2021  , is now set to hit theaters on July 15, 2022 (July 24, 1401

Now Fantastic Beasts 3 is set to be released a week after the release of  Captain Marvel 2.  Eddie RedminJude LawKatherine WaterstonEzra MillerClaudia KimAlison SodolDan Fogler, Jessica Williams  and  Callum Turner  are among the actors who will star in Fantastic Beasts, and Warner Bros. will also star in A review is underway to select and hire Depp’s successor in the film. Despite Depp’s separation, the filming and production of Fantastic Beasts 3 is still ongoing. 

As in the previous two episodes, Fantastic Beasts 3 will be directedby  David Yates , as well as Steve Clause , the author of all seven episodes of Harry Potter, who previously appeared as a producer on the first two episodes of Fantastic Beasts. to  JK Rowling  on writing and rewriting this movie has helped. The events of the Fantastic Beasts series take place in different countries, and the first part is in New York City, the second part is in Paris, and the third part of this film is going to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the main events of the film will take place here Had.