Prominent Argentine filmmaker dies due to Corona

Fernando Solanas, one of the most important Latin American and contemporary filmmakers in Argentina, has died in Paris at the age of 84.

According to Le Monde, the filmmaker and politician died after contracting the Covid 19 virus in Paris, the city where he served as Argentina’s ambassador to UNESCO.

Fernando Solanas was born on February 16, 1936, in Buenos Aires. Receipt.

With a duration of more than four hours, this documentary created a new wave in Argentine cinema and today it is known as one of the examples of committed national cinema against dictatorship and tyranny.

The documentary, which was not officially screened in Argentina until 1973 due to censorship, won several awards in European countries at the same time.

Solanas, who has made 20 feature films, is also known for his feature-length documentary for interviewing former Argentine President Juan Perونn.

In 2004, he made the documentary “Sako Memoirs of Social Massacre” about the political and economic situation in Argentina, which was screened at the Berlin Film Festival, and Solanas received the Berlin Golden Bear Honorary Award for his lifetime of cinematic activity .

Perhaps Solanas’ most acclaimed works are the 1985 film Tangos: Gardel Exileand the 1988 feature film South , which won him the Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award.

Solanas , along with Octavio Khatino , created a manifesto in Latin America in the 1960s entitled Towards a Third Cinema, aimed at countering the dominant and commercial Hollywood cinema.

Other notable works include Fernando Solanas 1992 Journey , 1998 Clouds , 2005 Nobody’s Dignity , 2007 Hidden Argentina , 2008 Next Station, and Soil Riot: Dirty Gold .