Brad Pitt visits Angelina Jolie’s home in a bid to end the ‘ugliness’ around bitter custody battle

Actor Brad Pitt visited his ex-wife at her Los Angeles home recently, amid their ongoing custody battle over their six kids. The actor reportedly arrived with the intention of ‘making peace’ with his former wife.

Pitt reportedly visited Jolie in a bid to hash things out amicably, as their trial proceeds virtually. Pitt was ‘desperate for the ugliness’ to end.

The Sun quoted a source as saying, “Brad drove into the estate in the afternoon – he was hard to miss in his white Tesla sports car. He stayed for around an hour-and-a-half and then he sped away from a private  exit he fdoesn’t normally use. He was clearly doing all he could to avoid being seen.”

The insider continued, “He’s still desperate for all the ugliness to end, even though it’s like pulling teeth seeing eye to eye with Angelina about virtually anything these days. Brad’s big concern in all this is making some sort of peace, for the kids’ sakes as well as his and Angelina’s