Berlinale Spotlight in Tehran Short Film Festival

Short Film News (SFN)- For the first time, the Spotlight section of the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany presents four short films during the 36 edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival.

The Berlin International Film Festival has been hosting a special screening of the Spotlight Section, for several years, and the program will start on November this year aimed at screening short films in Iran and South Asia.

The Spotlight Section is slated to be introduced by one of the selecting board committee of Berlin International Film Festival, Simone Spani.

Spani is set to talk about the selection process and format of short films and answer the questions of the audience.

Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck, director of the competitive section of the Berlin International Film Festival said, “Short films have always had an important place in Berlinale, captivating audiences with their content and structural complexities. They have transcend boundaries defined for cinematic genres and predetermined patterns of thought.”

Henckel-Donnersmarck added the Berlinale Spotlight program in Iran and South Asia invites audiences to discover artistic diversity and innovation in the Berlin Short Film Festival.
Tehran International Short Film Festival will feature four short films, all of which have already been screened at the Berlin Film Festival including “Planet Sigma” directed by Momoko Seto (France, 2014), “Wishing Well” directed by Sylvia Schedelbauer (Germany, 2018), “Prendre Feu” directed by Michel Soyez (France, 2019) and “Tigre de Tasmanie”, directed by Vergine Keaton (France, 2018).

Spani, was born in Zurich and raised in central Switzerland. She studied filmmaking, linguistics, German literature and art history at the University of Zurich. She is a member of the Berlin Short Film Selection Committee and has been planning the Winterthur Short Film Festival and other prestigious festivals for some time. Apart from planning as a festival consultant, she works mainly in Switzerland (Zurich and Vogue), Berlin Vecchial (Rwanda). It has also recently launched its own independent film company, “Zodiac Productions” in Zurich, an incubator for South African screenwriters. She has a strong focus on a variety of national and international film scenes.