Another Hollywood giant was accused of rape

According to the lawsuit, Kevin Ulrich, CEO of Anchorage Capital, a company that mainly produces and distributes movies and TV shows in Hollywood, was accused of sexually assaulting a New York woman in 2019. Kevin Ulrich, chairman of the board of directors of the large Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM) company

Complainant Jennifer Perry dropped the case a month after the lawsuit was filed.

In addition to managing anchorage funds, Ulrich also serves as chairman of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the James Bond franchise production studio.

Representatives from Ulrich and Anchorage have not yet responded to Variety’s request for comment.

According to a June lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court, Perry claimed that she was assaulted by Ulrich on July 25, 2019 in her room at the Mercer Hotel. The complaint was withdrawn on July 2.

The complaint alleges that the plaintiff complained of forced physical contact and dissenting sexual activity.

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It is not clear why Perry dropped her case a month after the case was filed, and in the event of a possible agreement between Ulrich and the plaintiff.

Anchorage owns 34% of MGM, and according to the Financial Times, the studio has a 14% stake in the parent company’s $ 8.4 billion.

Ulrich was given a much better position in 2018, when Gary Barber, the former CEO of MGM, was fired due to protests from Hollywood insiders.

As chairman, Ulrich formed an interim management team through the “CEO’s Office” at the time, and later appointed veteran Hollywood producer Michael Di Luca to head the studio’s film department