„As a photographer and filmmaker, it is my passion to capture the world in pictures and films. My mission is to enable like-minded people to share their captures with the world. For this, I develop the ideas that make up the Amerta Art Film Festival.“

„Art is one of the brightest and purest forms of communication. It enables us to see into the soul of the artist and to recognize his very individual view of the world. It resists all censorship and opens a whole new perspective on reality – whether you like it or not. As the founder of Amerta Art, I want to enable these artists to share their individual views of the world. My mission is to discover new artists and curate their projects. „

„Artists have always had the task of making the world a little better. With the Amerta Art Film Festival, we want to allow creative people to send their unique message to the world and to create a connection. A different kind of connection that is formed in the heart, especially in difficult times of Corona. With my expertise and experience, I will help artists to be heard. For this purpose, I am the mentor and advisor of the whole team.“

„The vision that the Amerta Art Film Festival is striving for has motivated me to make my contribution to it. Especially my passion for art and its social aspects has always driven me and has let me participate in many projects so far. The atmosphere that the Amerta Art Film Festival also radiates has always been a priority for me. I support Amerta Art in creating a connection to Turkey so that we can realize our shared vision.“

„You have to cut something out to add something. I give Amerta Art a look that goes beyond design and gives Amerta Art true beauty through the means of art and painting. It is essential not to settle for the first best – art should always be something new and strive for perfection, but at the same time, art is not an end in itself – it should have a purpose and be heard.“

„Art should be unencumbered by technological and economic concerns. That’s what I’m here for, I make sure that everything outside the art world runs smoothly so that my outstanding and talented colleagues can focus purely on the Art.“